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to ensure you Dream Home is completed on time, on budget, with no costly surprises!

Why do custom homes so often run behind schedule and go over budget?

Simply put, this happens because homeowners don’t know how to stay in control of the process when designing and building their custom home.

Maybe you’ve heard or experienced the nightmare stories of designers and architects who’s home designs resulted in painful “sticker shock.” Or you’ve hired a builders who has taken advantage of you, leaving you in a costly pit of broken promises and expectations. Some people’s experiences are so bad they make the evening news!

This doesn’t have to happen to you. If you are planning to design and build your Dream Home you have one big obstacle in your path: you don’t know how to avoid the costly pitfalls so common in the building industry.

That’s why we created the Cornerstone Design Studio

  • We reveal how you can avoid the 18 costly mistakes most people make when designing and building their custom home.
  • We offer proven tools and resources to ensure your design and building process is completed on time, on budget, with no costly surprises.
  • We offer a series of contract clauses to protect you through your design and construction agreements.

Custom Home Guide

The Custom Home Guide is a step-by-step resource which reveals exactly how to achieve your custom home on time, on budget, with no costly surprises. It contains all the "insider knowledge" you need to make the right decisions while designing and building your custom home. Click below to instantly discover how this one-of-a-kind resource will clearly guide you through your Dream Home process.

Here's how you will BENEFIT:

  • Learn how to avoid the 18 costly mistakes which are responsible for over 95% of cost overruns.
  • Use industry-insider methods and tools to interview architects & builders the right way.
  • Learn how to stay in control of your Custom Home costs.
  • Discover the power of creating your personal On-Budget Strategy.
  • Learn how to stay in control of your design and contruction process.
  • Discover how 3D visualization will vastly improve and safeguard your Dream Home outcome.
  • Learn how to contractually ensure your On-budget outcome.
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Dream Home Workshop

Our Dream Home Workshop will reveal exactly how to design and build your custom home on time, on budget, with no costly surprises -- before you sign any agreements and spend any money! Join Mark Shattuck & Lee Wagner for your personal, interactive Custom Home workshop.

Here's what the workshop will GIVE YOU:

1. Wish List Study -- this tool will capture your unique Dream Home characteristics from which our team will generate the following tools.

2. Cost to Build Report -- this tool will reveal the realistic costs to build your wish list before you sign agreements and spend money with any architect and builder.

3. On-Budget Strategy -- this tool will show you the exact design and construction parameters your architect and builder must follow in order to complete your custom home without costly surprises.

Here's what you will GAIN:

  • Discover how your wish list is most likely very over budget.
  • Create a realistic on-budget wish list before you begin the design process.
  • Discover how to ensure an on-budget design process that won't disappoint you down the road.
  • Get equipped to avoid the costly pitfalls which lay ahead of you.
  • Discover personal coaching to achieve your wonderful Dream Home!

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You won't want to miss learning about our 3D designs. Once you've created your On-Budget Strategy, seeing your Dream Home come to life is better than you've ever seen! Take a tour of a few of our amazing 3D videos our clients get to enjoy.

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But that’s not all the value you will gain from our 3D capabilities. All the properties shown in our 3D videos are the actual topography and tree layouts of each owner's property. We can show you how your future home will look on your actual property.

Furthermore, our 3D design process yields far more cost information than standard 2D designs could ever offer. This allows you to accurately understand the eventual cost of building your home, allowing you to make informed decisions during the design process … not after.

Here’s what our client’s have said about their 3D design experience: (show quotes)