We’ve designed and built hundreds of custom homes which were consistently completed on time, on budget, with no costly surprises. For this reason, we’ve compiled our 40 years of experience in the custom home industry to offer these one-of-a-kind resources for your education and protection.

But our passion to help people goes beyond the custom home process -- it's who we are. You'll see in the biographies below that each member is wired to help others in a multitude of ways. We'd be honored to help you achieve the beautiful and wonderful home of your dreams -- with no costly surprises.

Mark Shattuck

Design Solution Partner

Mark grew up in the Dominican Republic to missionary parents, moving to United States when he was 16 years old. He is a graduate of Georgia Tech's School of Architecture (1994). He had the unique privilege of spending a year studying the timeless architecture of Paris and western Europe. He spent the next 8 years gaining invaluable experience working for several prestigious design firms in Atlanta Georgia. In 2002, he founded his own residential design firm: Cornerstone Design Studio.

Due to his missionary upbringing, Mark has always been passionate about helping others in any way he can. He has supported and founded several non-profits which help those in financial need, and also counsels and mentors men in personal life crisis.

Yet during the early years of building his design practice, Mark was deeply disturbed by the wildly over-budget disfunction he consistently encountered in the custom home industry. His passion to help his clients achieve their dream homes led him to create the Custom Home Guide and The Custom Home Institute as the solution to these systemic problems.

Jiri Chlepko

Jiri has a degree in Computer Science and Electronics from SPS Karvina, in The Czech Republic. Once he moved to the United States, he spent 14 years in the custom home industry as a framer for large homes. It was here that his passion for technology revealed his true gift and talent by creating the Custom Home industry’s highest quality 3D modelling and visualization. Jiri now runs the Custom Home Institute’s 3D visualization lab which allows homeowners to see their dream home – inside and out -- as if it were already built before construction begins. Jiri’s work is an unprecedented answer to the confusion homeowners have with typical 2 dimensional architectural designs. Click on the Gallery tab above to see the 3D custom homes he has created.

Jiri is involved with Gainesville High School’s mentoring and intern program, helping several students expand their skills in 3D architecture as they compete in state wide engineering and architectural competitions. He also created the new addition and remodel of the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia plus helps with fund raising materials. He and his wife donate their time and resources to help the local Humane Society with their never ending mission.

Furthermore, Lee and Jiri are assisting the non-profit LoveOfMissions.com to raise funds to start three businesses in Guatemala City. These businesses will employ 45 people and more than double the standard of living for their families. Lee and Jiri are donating time and resources to help build websites and online marketing strategies to help bring this inspiring project to life.